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The role of the non executive director has become more and more important as the whole matter of corporate governance has come increasingly under the spotlight. Governance, Compliance, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion are now strongly featured on the agendas of most Boards and non executive directors must be well versed in these important subjects. Non-Executive […]

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Whether you are working in a corporate company or in a private equity backed business, there are the inevitable monthly or quarterly business reviews to get through. This is where you have to account for your worth in an organisation and you have to do it in front of onlookers. By nature you are a […]

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The primary goal for the directors of a private-equity or venture capital backed company is to return a profit to their shareholders and the Chairman is in the driving seat of this mission. Building the company so that it has significantly increased in value is just the first challenge but managing the exit process where […]

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The role of the CEO or Executive Chairman in Sales

I have often heard from sales people that the last thing they want is the CEO or Chairman going anywhere near their customers or sales deals. They fear a repeat of being embarrassed and having lost deals because their seniors have proven a liability. A lot of CEOs and Chairmen have come up through the […]

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There are countless courses and training programmes to train people on how to be leaders and there should be every reason to expect exceptional leadership among our managers. But sadly, in my experience, there are still too many people in management positions who should not have licence to be in charge of a dog. I […]

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Education for Directors, CEOs and Chairmen

As with any vocation, Directors, CEO’s and Chairmen should consider some formal education and training for their role. MBA programmes are excellent for general business management education but I recommend the Institute of Directors IOD Certificate and Diploma programmes. Those that complete the Diploma in Company Direction can then go on to take the Chartered […]

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The prevailing wind of appalling customer service!

Before the pandemic, companies would use customer service as a way to gain competitive advantage but sadly we are now so frequently confronted by widespread awful service. The corporate companies we were once so proud of, seem now to be hiding behind Covid to mask a ‘couldn’t care less’ attitude towards customer care. Customers are […]

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The differences in the roles of Chairman and Chief Executive

The roles of Chairman and Chief Executive are essential to any company but unfortunately they can get confused. Lack of clarity can lead to all sorts of difficulties. Not only can it cause relationship problems between the non executive directors and the executives, it can lead to all sorts of problems that can have a […]

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