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The differences in the roles of Chairman and Chief Executive

The roles of Chairman and Chief Executive are essential to any company but unfortunately they can get confused. Lack of clarity can lead to all sorts of difficulties. Not only can it cause relationship problems between the non executive directors and the executives, it can lead to all sorts of problems that can have a […]

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A Chairman Comparison Table

Michael Tait has been a chairman for numerous years and has worked with some good and bad chairman during his years as a CEO. Michael shares this table of traits that compare good chairmen with poor ones.

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Why is it so many companies are without a formal business plan? It’s a critical roadmap for the business. Mike Tait outlines its importance and the content that works well for him.

So many of the companies I’ve taken on don’t have an ongoing business plan. They may have had one once, possibly when they took on external investors or other refinancing, but have since drifted away from having a proper plan that sets out exactly how the business will be taken forward. It amazes me that external investors such as private equity firms allow this situation. What I can tell you is that every single troubled company I have taken on has been without a current business plan.

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Business forecasting is a critical function but many directors are guilty of consistently missing their own forecasts. Mike Tait shares some views about forecasting.

The numerous company turnarounds I’ve led have had a number of problems in common but the one that seems always present is management consistently missing their own forecasts.

Forecasting is no easy subject but its management’s responsibility to do it and mostly get it right. If you frequently or consistently miss your own forecasts it sends loud signals to your investors that you’re not on top of things. There is nothing more politically dangerous than nervous investors that have lost confidence.

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Company Turnarounds

Mike’s presentation shows how a coaching and mentoring style works well in company turnaround situations.

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