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25 years’ experience working as CEO, Interim Chairman or Independent Chairman in private-equity or venture capital backed businesses with extensive experience in developing businesses, turnarounds, refinancing and achieving exits.

Many years’ experience in setting up and running international subsidiaries in all the major European countries and successfully bringing overseas businesses to the UK and Europe.

30 years Sales experience and has led some of the largest sales operations across Europe.

Available to help you grow your business, recover from a difficult situation, survive the current recession, or significantly improve sales.


An Experienced International Chairman

  • 23 major assignments with leading international private equity and venture capital investors
  • Experienced in change management, corporate recovery and turnarounds as well as building businesses
  • Strong corporate background as well as mid-range companies of 100 to 800 employees
  • 30 years in leading, building and reorganising international sales and marketing operations
  • CEO and chairman experience in Computer Hardware, Software Services, Retail, Logistics, Vending, Coffee Retail, Care Homes and Insurance Services
  • Strong chairman skills for Board leadership and corporate governance
  • Available at short notice
Interim Chairman, Mike Tait - Starbucks Coffee

Strong Corporate Background

  • Unisys Corporation
  • Digital Equipment Corporation
  • Tesco Stores
  • RHM Foods
  • Argos Stores
  • Rolls-Royce
  • Pye/Philips Industries
Interim Chairman, Mike Tait, Client Logos

Private Equity Clients

Interim Chairman, Mike Tait, Building
  • Connection Capital
  • Albion Ventures
  • Milestone Capital (2 assignments)
  • Sovereign Capital (2 assignments)
  • Investec Bank
  • Electra Europe
  • Advent International (2 assignments)
  • Hambros
  • 3i (4 assignments)
  • Atlas Venture (2 assignments)
  • Aberdeen Asset
  • GIMV Belgium
  • NIB Netherlands
  • ACT Ireland
  • Shore Capital
  • Frontiers Capital

Example Achievements

Chaired/Member/Vice Chaired for five years, the Board of Trustees for The Heart Education Trust in Norwich. The Trust has a number of infant schools and nurseries.

Chaired 23.5 Degrees, the leading UK Starbucks franchise network. Presided over a period of considerable growth to 40 stores and Drive-Thrus and the achievement of considerable growth in revenues and profits.

Chaired the development of Coffee Nation to a network of over 900 sites across the country with Tesco, Welcome Break, Sainsbury, Moto and other big retail names, and created and led the sale of the company to Costa Coffee for £59.5m.

Led as executive chairman, the turnaround and development of Claims Management Group, a leading Lloyds and London Market insurance services company. Subsequently sold the business to Capita Group Plc for £32m.

Built and ran a £500m Europe-Africa division for Unisys Corporation, the world’s second largest computer company and led the development of Unisys to become one of the leaders in distributed systems.


A Range of Services

  • Business advice and help with your business
  • Practical assistance with business issues
  • Situation and business evaluations
  • Non executive director
  • Independent chairman
  • Interim chairman
  • Turnaround leadership
  • Strategy formulation and business plans
  • Help with Board or investor problems
  • CEO and Director level mentoring
  • Refinancing through private equity
  • Guidance on going international
  • Establishing and chairing UK subsidiaries for
    overseas companies
  • Mentoring subsidiary management
  • Integration assistance with mergers and acquisitions
  • Practical help in developing your sales strategy and increasing sales



Being a business leader can be challenging, stressful and often, very lonely. As Chief Executive you have the responsibility for leading your people, creating a positive and fulfilling working environment and delivering the results you promised in your business plan. As a manager in an organisation you have deliverables and targets that must be met.

It’s perfectly normal to wonder if you are doing the right things, have the right strategy and are making the best tactical decisions. You may also worry about your management style and whether you are having the effect you hoped for. Often there can be political undercurrents to worry about too.  Managing external investors can also be a minefield for those leading the company.

You won’t be alone in wishing you had someone of considerable experience to turn to for counsel – someone you can trust to give you valuable insight and ongoing practical help on a whole range of business disciplines and to be completely sensitive with your thoughts and struggles.

Sadly, it’s not always safe to share your worries with those around you. Mentoring is about helping with all these things and more – not in the form of textbook tuition but by counselling on real practical business issues, situations and anxieties.

Michael Tait has many years’ experience in mentoring CEO’s, other board members, and management level staff.

Sales Development


Michael Tait has 30 years of experience in Sales and has run or reorganised some of the largest sales organisations across Europe. Michael also built and ran the largest IT sales distribution network in the UK and Europe and has considerable experience in utilising telesales within the selling model. 

More about Sales Development can be seen here


Raising business finance and capital

Brexit and Covid have caused continuing economic uncertainty and companies are increasingly looking for more innovative ways to raise finance and capital.

Private equity and venture capital still remain an attractive route for expansion capital. Michael Tait is well connected in private equity and venture capital and can introduce you to some of his long standing trusted relationships in the sector. Michael knows which firms will be interested to invest and which will be the most suitable financing or refinancing partner for you.

Michael also has considerable experience in working with leading London law firms, corporate finance advisers and M&A advisors, and has worked with business lending banks such as Investec Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland.

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